5g offers Upset Recovery Training

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“Because 99% of pilots spend 99% of their time in straight and level flight”

WHAT IS “UPSET TRAINING”? Aircraft “upsets” are poorly defined. Neither the NTSB nor FAA publish a standard definition. Generally an “upset” could be defined as a flight path or aircraft attitude that was not intended by the pilot flying. Such upsets have led to a Loss of control and resulted in many casualties. As aircraft become more automated pilots receive less “hands on” experience resulting in a gradual but significant reduction in “stick and rudder” skills over time. The recent report by the FAA PARC rulemaking workgroup cites poor stick and rudder skills as the number 2 risk factor facing pilots today. The simple fact is that windshear, wake turbulence, and automation failures happen.


OUR MISSION AT 5G is to train pilots to recognize and prevent impending loss of control situations. Additionally should prevention fail, we explore recovery strategies from the most common accident scenarios.

MOTION SIMULATORS HAVE PROVEN to be an excellent tool in pilot training, but they fall short when it comes to stall and loss of control scenarios. Since stall recovery is always initiated at the first indication of stall, the techniques we are taught in the sim don’t apply to a full aerodynamic stall. Due to the incredibly complex and unpredictable nature of post stall aerodynamics the simulators can’t even be programmed to accurately emulate an aircraft in a stalled condition, necessitating in-aircraft experience to supplement simulator training.

5G AVIATION OFFERS an economical stall/upset recovery course co-developed by founder Ty Frisby and upset program manager Chaz Perrigoue. The combination of Ty’s extensive aerobatic experience and Chaz’s extensive turbine experience produced a unique program that best serves our fellow pilots. All of our instructors are experienced turbine and aerobatic pilots. Additionally, we operate safe, low time, FAA-certified acrobatic category aircraft (ACA Super Decathlon or Extra 300LP).Extra_1

BY USING CERTIFIED acrobatic category aircraft, and accomplished aerobatic instructors, 5g can safely teach upset scenarios including full aerodynamic stalls plus scenario based upsets resulting in high bank and pitch attitudes without worry about the aircraft’s ability to recover. 5g strictly adhere to all applicable federal aviation regulations regarding the use of parachutes and safe practice areas.

Resource: UPRT Syllabus