Meet the Xtreme Decathlon

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Our next XD is Avialable in May, 2014!


At 161mph in level flight, 1625 fpm in climb, and with a 120 degree per second roll rate the Xtreme Decathlon lives up to its name! The Xtreme is a comprehensive redesign that includes new designs for the landing gear and wings as well as a 50 lb reduction in airframe weight. The firewall forward is completely new with an improved engine mount, new cowling design, 4 into 1 tuned exhaust system, and most importantly Lycoming’s New 210HP AEIO-390 under the hood.

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The old saying “there’s no replacement for displacement” holds true for the AEIO-390. The extra 30 cubic inches of displacement plus an improved cylinder head design allows for an increase of 30HP and 58fl*lb of torque compared to the AEIO-360 used on the Super Decathlon. A longer and wider carbon fiber MT “Wide Chord” propeller is used to “soak up” all of that extra power and convert it into thrust resulting in significant performance improvements in takeoff, climb, cruise, and vertical penetration.

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The Decathlon has always been a “jack of all trades” as the name suggests. The added power of the Xtreme Decathlon has yielded significant improvements in short field performance and cruising speeds making it even more capable as a cross country and back country airplane as well as a weekend aerobat. No other airplane can rival the Xtreme Decathlons ability to perform in such a wide spectrum of flight profiles. Call to schedule a demo flight today! (800) 337-3595

Xtreme Decathlon Specifications
Base Price $269,900
Powerplant Lycoming AEIO-390-A1B6
Horse Power @ RPM 210 @ 2700
Recommended TBO 1400 hours
Propeller, Constant Speed MT, MTV-15-B-C/193-25
Propeller Diameter 76 in
Length 22 ft 11 in
Height 7 ft 7 in
Wingspan 30 ft 9 in
Wing area 164 sq ft
Wing loading 11.9 lb/sq ft
Power loading (acrobatic) 8.6 lb/hp
Seats 2, Tandem
Cabin Length 8 ft 10 in
Cabin Width 2 ft 6 in
Cabin Height 3 ft 11 in
Empty Weight 1320 lb
Normal Category Gross Weight 1950 lb
Acrobatic Category Gross Weight 1800 lb
Useful Load 630 lb
Fuel Capacity 40 gal
Oil Capacity 10 qt
Baggage Capacity 100 lb (10.4 cu ft)
Acrobatic limit load +6, -5 g
Inverted Fuel 2 min
Takeoff Distance, Ground Roll 520 ft
Takeoff Distance, 50-ft Obstacle 957 ft
Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind Component 17 kt
Rate of Climb, Sea Level 1625 fpm @1800lb, 1498 fpm @1950lb
Maximum level speed, sea level 161 mph TAS
Cruise Speed / Endurance (75% Power, 45 Minute Reserve) 149 mph TAS / 2.6 hours
   Fuel Consumption 12.0 gph (best power)
Cruise Speed / Endurance (55% Power, 45 Minute Reserve) 133 mph TAS / 4.8 hours
   Fuel Consumption 7.2 gph (best economy)
Service Ceiling 20000 ft
Landing Distance, 50-ft Obstacle 1346 ft
Landing Distance, Ground Roll 542 ft
Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds:
VX (Best Angle) 57 mph IAS
VY (Best Rate) 81 mph IAS
VA (Design Maneuvering) 110 mph IAS
VNO (Maximum Structural Cruising) 160 mph CAS
VNE (Never Exceed) 200 mph CAS
VR (Rotation) 58 mph IAS
VS0 (Stall) 58 mph IAS