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5g Aviation is a team of talented and experienced tailwheel pilots led by CEO Ty Frisby.  Ty’s 4,000+ hours of tailwheel time include learning to fly in the Alaskan Bush, competing at the top level of aerobatics, and flight testing newly built airplanes but most of his time was earned as an instructor.  He is able to share his extensive knowledge and experience with the entire staff forming a cohesive and organized team who are well versed in both flight instruction and aircraft sales.

5g is an American Champion Sales Center located at Orange County airport in Santa Ana, CA. American Champion produces the most versatile line of sport aircraft on the market today and 5g is proud to offer their products for sale. From the venerable Champ to the latest 210HP Xtreme Decathlon, ACA has an airplane for virtually every mission.

As both a sales and training company 5g’s philosophy is “fly to buy”. If aircraft ownership is your goal we will provide the necessary training and time building required to meet FAA and insurance requirements, and we assist our customers in their search for the perfect airplane to meet their needs.

5g Aviation
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At 5g Attitude is Everything!

At 5g Attitude is Everything!