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5g Aviation is an authorized American Champion Aircraft sales center and offers the full line of ACA tailwheel aircraft. ACA builds the most versatile airplanes on the market today!

From the the new 210HP big block Xtreme Decathlon and Denali Scout to the venerable Champ, ACA has a tailwheel for virtually every mission. Click here to see our current Inventory

ACA is the only aircraft manufacturer that offers a FAR 23 certified light sport aircraft with the Champ, a full line of semi and fully aerobatic airplanes with the Citabrias and Decathlons, and the Scout which is hands down the best value in the back country market.

At 5g all of our staff members have owned tailwheel airplanes themselves, and between us we have experience in over 50 different types of tailwheels, and over 8,000 hours of combined tailwheel time! We can provide tremendous insight in the search for your perfect tailwheel airplane.

Our service doesn’t end at the time of sale. We provide many post sale services including; transition training, relocation services, recurrent training, and aerobatic coaching. We can also help establish aircraft partnerships, locate hangar space, negotiate fuel prices, track maintenance, and provide scheduling and accounting services.

For pricing and options please refer to the links below for each aircraft type or contact 5g to speak with a sales representative.  For Avionics packages use the ACA Panel Builder. For the optimum balance between weight, cost and capability contact a 5g sales representative to discuss options.

Call or email to learn more (800) 337-3595



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