Introductory Flights

Get started with an exciting flight over South Orange County

739960_468358129895328_1636569601_oWe have something for everyone with introductory flight lessons ranging from mild to wild;


  • The “aerobatic experience” is the perfect blend between low speed cruising and smooth aerobatic flying.  We use the world famous Super Decathlon aerobatic trainer which barrel rolls and loops so smoothly that you barely feel like your doing aerobatics!  This is a great introduction to aerobatics for $500


  • The “extreme aerobatic experience” is an intense aerobatic flight in our Extra 300LP.  The extra is a world class unlimited aerobatic machine.  You’ll experience everything that the human body can handle including G-forces of up to 8 times the force of gravity, roll rates of 360 degrees per second and unlimited maneuvers like tailslides, torque rolls, end over end tumbles and more for just $800
5g's New Extra 300LP

5g’s New Extra 300LP

All of our pilots are certified flight instructors and our customers are encouraged to take the controls to see how easy and enjoyable flying is!  The flight time counts toward the required time to earn a private pilot license.  Contact us to purchase your introductory flight lesson today!  (800) 337-3595