Flight Training

Experienced instructors and great airplanes!

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5g provides a unique opportunity to train with highly experienced instructors in the best tailwheel and aerobatic training airplanes available – the Super Decathlon, and EXTRA 300LP. This combination results in a supreme training experience!

5g was founded by Ty Frisby, a pilot who’s 20 years of experience includes learning to fly in the remote Alaska Bush, competing in Unlimited Aerobatics, flying Corporate Jets Internationally and working as a pilot for a major airline. The majority of Ty’s 7,500+ hours were earned teaching in tailwheel and aerobatic airplanes making him the ideal person to lead the 5g team.

5g has created a unique suite of training programs ranging from tailwheel transitions to jet upset recovery programs. Each course draws upon our instructors broad backgrounds in aviation.   All of our instructors are well rounded with experience in many types of airplanes including tailwheels, gliders, float planes, high performance twins and singles, turboprops and jets.

In addition to teaching in our Super Decathlon and Extra 300LP we can teach in customer supplied aircraft.  We specialize in tailwheels and aerobatics but we also have experience with all of the popular aircraft types and avionics suites including Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, Beechcraft, Garmin 430/530/650/750/G1000 and the Avidyne displays.