Spin Awareness and Prevention

Prevent spins by perfecting your turns

5g’s Spin course differs from many others. Ironically, learning to perform spins does little to prevent them. Our primary focus is on spin prevention through improved turning skills and proper understanding of the aerodynamics and physics involved with spin entry. Our course consists of a full day of training including a dedicated ground and two training flights plus pre-flight and post-flight briefings.


Can be completed in one full day. Includes three lessons.

  1. Ground – Turns, stalls, spins, spin accident scenarios, spin prevention
  2. Flight – Steep turns, slow flight, stalls while banked, stalls while slipping/skidding
  3. Flight – Spin entries, recoveries from incipient and developed spin, proper turns

Course totals

Instruction – 7.5 hours

Flight time – 2.0 hours

Price – $1,495 (Extra 300L)