Tailwheel Transition

Put the FUN back into FLYING with a Tailwheel Transition!

5g’s instructors are highly skilled tailwheel pilots who transfer their knowledge in an enjoyable and effective manner.

Our tailwheel transition syllabus was developed over a 12 year period by 5g founder Ty Frisby. Ty’s experience in tailwheels ranges from off airport operations in the Alaskan Bush to flight testing Pitts Specials right off of the assembly line. However, most of Ty’s 4,000+ hours in tailwheel airplanes were earned teaching in everything from J3 Cubs to the Extra 300.

The 5g tailwheel transition course uses a building block approach initially going “back to the basics” to ensure that the foundation is solid. Once the basics have been covered progress with the tailwheel transition is quick and easy. The improved flying skills learned during the tailwheel transition can be applied to all airplanes.


Can be completed in two full days.  Includes 6 lessons.

  1. Ground – Tailwheel theory, physics, mechanics, aerodynamics, technique
  2. Flight – Taxi, zig zag taxi drills, practice area, steep turns, stalls, demo landing
  3. Flight – Taxi drills, traffic patterns, low approaches, x-wind drills, intro 3 points
  4. Flight – Traffic patterns, 3 points, swerves, skips and bounces, intro roll-up
  5. Flight – Traffic patterns, roll ups, wheel landings, skips and bounces, go-arounds
  6. Flight – Review 3 points, x-wind, roll ups, wheel landings.  Endorse if satisfactory (Does not guarantee tailwheel endorsement.  If required, additional training will be billed at the retail hourly rates)

Course totals

Instruction – 13.5 hours

Flight time – 6.0 hours


  • $2,195 (2014 Super Decathlon)


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